Public Computers / Wi-Fi

Free Wifi

Public Access Computers
  • Patron must log onto computer with his/her personal library card.
  • You may not use another patron’s library card to log onto the computer.
  • A patron may reserve the next available computer through the PC Reservation Station.You must have a valid library card and PIN to reserve a computer.
  • Patron must be present to reserve a computer. First come, first serve.
  • Patrons are only allowed two 60 minute sessions per day.
  • Computers are subject to being monitored.
  • Patrons found looking at web sites with explicit content or visibly offensive material will be asked to log off his/her computer.

Print Outs

Prints are released at the Self-serve Print Release Station. You are responsible for the content released to print.

Black and White Prints                       $0.15 per page
Color Prints                                        $0.25 per page