Employee Commendations

Villa Rica Police Corporal Fowler Honored By City Council

On December 11, 2017 at approximately 2230 hours, Corporal Fowler, arrived at 615 Edge Road, American Inn & Suites room 149, in reference to an overdose. He was met by a white male in the parking lot of the business who was being evasive about drug use. He would not tell Cpl. Fowler what the female may have taken. Cpl. Fowler asked if she had a history of heroin abuse and the male said that he thought that she did.

Cpl. Fowler entered the room and observed an unconscious white female lying across the bed. Her face was purple and she did not appear to be breathing. He called out to her and she did not respond. He performed a sternum rub on he, and again she did not respond.

He did see that she had a heartbeat so he administered his department issued Narcan nasal spray (4mg) at 2231 hours into her left nostril. He continued to call out to the female before she let out a gasping breath approximately 15 seconds after the Narcan was delivered. The female began noticeably breathing and she opened her eyes.

West Georgia Ambulance #42 arrived and took over care.