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Frequently Asked Questions/Municipal Court

How/where do I pay a fine/citation?

  • Fines can be paid in person or by mail at the Villa Rica Police Department, 101 Main ST, Villa Rica, GA  30180.  They may also be paid by phone at 1-844-317-8348 or online at

    Forms of payment accepted are cash, personal check, money order, all major credit cards (please note there will be a 5% surcharge on all cards).

When can I pay a citation?

  • Payments are accepted 24 hours a day, seven days a week based on the guidelines below.

What is the latest time I can pay prior to my court date?

  • Payments will be accepted up to one hour before your scheduled court time if you are paying in person.  On-line and phone payments must be paid by midnight the day prior to your court date.

Can I discuss my case with the judge or solicitor prior to my court date?

  • No.  They will only discuss your case when you appear in court.

Where is court held?

  • The Villa Rica Municipal Court is located at 101 Main ST, Villa Rica, GA  30180 next to the Villa Rica Police Department.

Do I have to have an attorney?

  • No you do not.

How do I get a public defender?

  • You can make an application for a public defender at your arraignment hearing.  All applications require a non-refundable $50 application fee.

Can I request an extension on my court date?

  • You can request to have an arraignment hearing rescheduled ONE TIME ONLY by calling the Villa Rica Police Department (770) 459-5149.  If you miss your court date because you are incarcerated, in the hospital, death in the family, or had to appear in another court on the same date and time you may provide documentation of that and request that your court date be rescheduled.

Can the court personnel give me legal advice?

  • No court personnel may give legal advice including the municipal court clerk and officers of the court.

How do I find out about points on my driver’s license, reinstatement of my driver’s license, or other general questions about my driver’s license?